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Ecolit construction equipment

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2 year payback warranty

5 year warranty of equipment

outsourced design department

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We offer 3 options
of cooperation

  • Point of manufacture of orders for Ecolit co
  • Guaranteed sales and profitability
  • Outsourced design department
  • 24/7 support on installation issues
  • Equipment supply
  • Adjustment and start of production
  • Ecosystem for full maintenance of business processes
  • Guaranteed payback
  • Outsourced design department
For your tasks:
  • Equipment supply
  • Adjustment and start of production
  • 5 year warranty of equipment
  • Buyback
  • 24/7 consultation
  • Access to reuse projects

Our Equipment

The most reliable and efficient mobile lines in the UAE. The unique profile shape and design features have no analogues on the market. Fastening with steel rivets. Protected by 2 patents. Lack of competitors.



Much cheaper than analogues
Leasing is available
Installments are available
Equity participation is available
Payback guarantee



24/7 support
Сomponents always available
Constant updates
Fast Learning


5-year warranty:

On-line system monitoring
Video control
Downtime Report
Automatic accounting of orders

Ecolit system

Take advantage of the benefits of the integrated system of manufacture

Why we are better than other analogues:


Price Approximately 2 times more expensive than our solutions
Guarantee 1 year warranty. Import problem. Risk of frustration of the contract
Software Expensive software. Not included in equipment price
Support Lack of offices in UAE.

Spare parts Delivery time from 6 months. The risk of frustration of the contract.
Promotion No ecosystem for business development.


Price Optimum price to quality ratio
Guarantee 5 year warranty. 2 year payback guarantee.
Software Own software. The cost of software in the price list
Support Full support in UAE

Spare parts Always available in UAE

Promotion A complete ecosystem for business development


Price Approximately 10% more expensive than domestic solutions
Guarantee Problems with the import of spare parts
Software Not included in set. Annual license fee.
Support Lack of offices in UAE
Spare parts Complex logistics and communication. Delivery time from 6 months.
Promotion No ecosystem for business development.

Ecosystem for business development:

Built-in automated system of business processes of the sales department
Direct relations with leading manufacturers of rolled metal products and components
Own marketing department
Intellectual property protected by two Russian patents
We grant the right
to use a patent

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